PJ Masks: Lucky Winner

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PJ Masks: Team of Heroes is a cooperative game for children and their parents.

Romeo has let loose his robots to attack the PJ Masks base - and players must organize and plan their strategies together to fight off the robots while simultaneously disabling Romeo's Lab.
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Team of Heroes is a cooperative game that relies on beginner-level strategy techniques, teaching children to plan ahead and work together.

First play through

The game starts with 3 different colored robots. On your turn, players pull the top card from a deck to reveal the board's action as well as the options they may take. The top portion of the card typically advances the color of one of the robots towards the PJ Masks base - the bottom portion gives players two options. These options are either to move one of the PJ Masks a number of spaces to fend off the robots, or to deal a hit point to Romeo's lab. Players must strategize which PJ Mask to move and when. If any robot makes it to the base, Romeo wins and the players lose. Otherwise, if the players manage to get the Lab down to 0 energy, the players win.